How to edit "employee series" for an employee

I am not able to update already created “Employee Series” linked to an employee. Actually currently it is “EMP0010001” or “EMP0240001”. We want it to update it to “EMP0000001” or “EMP0000024”.

Just need to remove “0001” from all employees series number.

Here you go. You need to follow this marked instruction.

Thanks for your reply, actually i want to change the existing 'Employee Series". Along with setting rule for new one.

It would be advisable to create your own naming series for such scenarios.



Hi Parth,

I will create our own naming series. From now onwards.
But is there any way to edit the previous “Employee Series” .


I am afraid I don’t know the way to do so.

One silly way to do would be export all the data in excel, remove series column from excel sheet. removing your documents (if they are not linked with each other) and then importing them again by setting new series.

But I am not sure this would work for you if your document is linked to other places and you can’t delete the docs.



Actually i tried importing the updated excel sheet. But it showed me error as the series were linked. Now i manually corrected all series. …so issue resoled :slight_smile:

Thanks All for kind support .