How to edit list settings?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know how I can remove this duplicate field? (Name appears twice)

It would even be nice if we could resize the columns’ width…

On any list view, click on Menu > List view settings to add/remove the columns. Currently you can’t resize the columns in list view yet. Though you can remove the sidebar (Ctrl + K) to toggle the sidebar:

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yeahh… the name column isnt removable. and i dont mind… because its useful… but! it appears twice, one on the far left and the far right, which is a waste of screen real estate

So, the last column will always be the name/unique ID of the document. In your case, the name and title for the document are the same.

You can remedy this by changing what field of the document becomes the title via customize form.

Eg: if you go to Sales Invoice, the ID will be a unique series number while the title is the customer name.

You have to click on Customise and select only columns that are needed in the list view. ALthough this should get erased when you update erpnext.

YES! this helped!! thank you so much. and thank you also for clarifying about the last column.

Guys ! how to add the created by Column to the List ? i tried the Customise and Created by is not in the table . Version 13
Pls help

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@Arianguy I do not believe this is possible, without writing some JavaScript to alter the web page.

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Thanks Brian ! Seems true what you said.