How to edit Stock Entry Detail form according to stock entry form doctype?

I want to edit some value in stock entry detail form according to stock entry form.
Like stock entry has one field purpose .
If i choose purpose → Repack
then according to that i want to change or show or hide some fields in stock entry detail form in same page.

Please tell me how to do that

Hi @Aarti_Khajuria! This is very possible. You need to add customs scripts for this. To find out more, click here


Thanks @creamdory !!!
I got the custom script page. I am very new to this platform.
I am not able to find proper example to write those script.
can you please help me out?

Hi @Aarti_Khajuria there are lots of examples and usecases in this forum. You just have to search for a similar usecase. You might want to check this out as an example:

Hope this helps!