How to enable auto attendance in ERP Next

I added Biometric fingerprint device configuration in ERP Next, Employee check-in details are working fine. But the Auto attendance is not working. Attendance page show empty.

@Ragulanvm, Please setup Auto Attendance setting in Shift Type and assign the shift to an employee as mentioned in the documentation here before importing Employee Checkin.

Is there any way to mark auto attendance automatically once updated employee checkin daily

You can use the ‘last_sync_of_checkin’ field in Shift Type to control the time up-to which Auto Attendance marks Attendance for you.

The discussions here should help you: V-12 [HR] [Auto Attendance] Purpose of last_sync_of_checkin in Shift Type

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I need attendance details daily, how to trigger mark auto attendance daily.


@karthikeyan5 is it possible to do auto attendance in version-11


I have been trying to implement this for many months and have had no luck.

could you please guide me step by step and

where to run which command

everytime I do it, I have errors


Also, if there is a way to pull the data from machines other than ZKTeco, please guide me

Am also interested to know if Suprema device can be used.

Thank you.


Hey @Muzzy,
Have you figured out how to integrate Suprema with ERPNext?
I need to integrate some Suprema Devices.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. No, we haven’t done it. You can look at this to create an API.

Hi @hiimkhaled. Were you able to get suprema device into ERPNext? Let me know. Maybe we can work together on it.

We had done an integration with Suprema Devices. It is API Friendly, although it does not push information based on triggers had to run an hourly hook in ERPNext to pull info it into Employee Check-in.

Thanks for sharing your experience, would you mind sharing the codes with us? Much appreciated!

I don’t have a copy of the exact code I used I found some notes I had made on the API Payload, Essentially, I wrote a script to check the Biostar Event log looking for successful authentication of Finger Print / Access Card between a Datetime Range for the day to get all the punch data.

POST - /api/events/search

        "Query": {
            "limit": 5000,
            "conditions": [
                    "column": "event_type_id.code",
                    "operator": 0,
                    "values": [
                    "column": "datetime",
                    "operator": 3,
                    "values": [
            "orders": [
                    "column": "datetime",
                    "descending": "false"

The event code 4865 is for Fingerprint and for 4102 for ID Card, I hope this helps

For the realtime biometric integration with ERPNext, you can get the Cams API Service from Without any desktop/computer application, it communicates with your erpnext application which is hosted in server.

For the eSSL device, before getting this service, get your device verified at to ensure that your device supports HTTP communication.