How to enable automatic exchange rates for USD to EGP


I have my main currency as EGP. When I try to create a purchase invoice with a supplier that has USD as currency, I get a message that says no exchange rate available. I had to create an exchange from USD to EGP and set the rate manually.

I need that the rate changes automatically with each purchase invoice I create, but this does not happen currently.

I read that ERPNext reads exchange rates automatically from, but this seems not working.

Is there a setting that I should do to enable this feature?



You can do this with “Currency Exchange”

1.Go to “Currency Exchange” form
select Currency From and To and Set rate and save form
2.Go to Supplier form
-select supplier ‘Billing Currency’ as “USD”. and save form
3.when you create Purchase invoice and select that supplier
then Currency and Exchange rate will be populated.