How to enable Khatavahi Book Service?

Just installed BookingApp and done below setting.

Booking Service App: v0.0.1 (master)
ERPNext: v14.38.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.48.1 (version-14)

May I know how to enable this?

I am getting error

pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘tabItem.booking_item’ in ‘where clause’”)

please guide @Jigar_Tarpara

Try Bench MIgrate
on Migration Custom Field should be created

Its working now.

Is booking Item will be book per hour?

In my case I have “Item A” - 100 Nos. in stock and customer will get the quantity as per his requirement.

like Customer Raj will get 10 Nos for 5 days and Customer Jay will get 5 Nos. for 15 days.

When Customer will return the Item A, It should be added back to Stock.