How to enable stock balance report

how to enable stock balance report Stock Module

What is happening when you try to access the report?

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stock balance is not showing in stock Module, I think it is hide,
Please refer the screen shot below.

Check if you can access the same through the awesome bar (Ctrl+G).

If not, you may not have the permissions to view the same. Verify that by going to Role Permission for Page and Report.


I manually disable report(Stock Balance). We can’t able to revert back.
could you please help me.

Please refer the screenshot for your reference.

when I try to enable stock balance enable then save button not display. why???
also, I have not displayed the Stock balance Report. when we create the report then show bottom right side show popup "Report initiated " when I clicked this here button report is not created but show status as Queued.

This screenshot is saved button not display

this screenshot is a status queue