How to enrol course based on roles

I have a question, how to enrol in any LMS course based on role created.

I have many different users around (2000+)
I have created the roles for them to access certain parts of the application

I have also installed LMS in the same server so that user with same permission can view their training videos.
I have more than 100 courses in it
But i cannot select the roles in the course enrolments.
I already have the roles created and assigned to the users I want to assign the different courses to the users based on their roles

Like -

I have course - Purchase for user and purchase for admins two courses

I already have given roles to the user of the specific rights
I want to assign the course to this specific roles for the users

Anyone’s help is much appreciated
and if this is not possible then any alternative way
because i don’t want to enrol every user to every other course of their type because i have more than 2000 users and more than 100 courses and enrolling every single user to a specific course is not possible for me

Anyone please help in this
Thank You

is there any way to do it

@ashutosh.realgroup you cannot enroll users based on roles. But you can use Data Import Tool for bulk enrolling students