How to enter a Bank with multiple Branches in different Cities

How to enter a Bank with multiple Branches in different Cities

Your question is unclear. How do these multiple branches affect your business processes? Do you have multiple accounts at this bank, or are you trying represent someplace else.

Most banks have multiple branches, but I’ve never in my business had any reason to distinguish between them in my records. If you need to do that for some reason, we need to understand what you’re trying to do before we can help you.

Yes, we maintain Multiple Accounts in a Branch and that means, multiple accounts in a Bank.

In Sri Lanka we have decentralized Branches. When sending a Bank Transfer Request etc, we have to tag the Bank, Branch and Bank Account Number.

Therefore, we need to maintain the Bank, the Branches belonging to the Bank and the Bank Accounts under the Branch. Some of these Branches will have there own SWIFTCODE.

In that case, you’d just treat them as separate accounts. For that, all you need to do is create an Account for each in your chart of accounts, and make sure you have Payment Entry Methods corresponding to each individual branch. You can set up any kind of relationship you need that way.

@peterg where will i define the “individual branch.”, as the Branch is entered in the Bank form, and not at the Bank Account form.

I think you might be misunderstanding what the Bank doctype does. It’s not used for primary accounting but rather for defining different spreadsheet formats used during account reconciliation.

For actually using different accounts, you just need Accounts and Mode of Payment documents:

In general, I would recommend reading through the docs a bit before you spend too much time setting things up.

I am not actually worried about the GL Account in this instance…what I need to tag is from which physical Branch/Bank Account the payment is executed…for reporting and bank reconciliation purposes…

Right, I understand that. But that’s not what the Bank doctype does.

For what you’re describing, you’d use the Account doctype, augmented (if you wish) by the Bank Account doctype.

I am introducing a custom field to capture the Branch Code

Excellent keep us informed, trial and error sharing is how we all learn :slight_smile: