How to Enter and Assign Fixed Asset Items in ERPNext?

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Anyone Please help me to do the following stuffs:

  1. How to enter Fixed Assets Item in ERPNext?
  2. How to manage Fixed Asset Item in ERPNext?
    ā€“>( i.e. I am having 30 laptops and I had given that to my company employees.Employees use it in office and carry that to home for working. How can I assign those laptops to employees in ERPNext(like Employee Rickson is having Lenovo G580 Laptop with Mouse) and how to track all the laptop accessories like Mouse, Battery etc. in ERPNext )
  3. How to use the Serial Number facility for Fixed Asset Item in ERPNext?

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Yes you can use Serial No and add custom fields to tag who has been assigned.

Umair has recently written this nice tutorial which can answer your question:



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