How to enter Opening stock?

Hi Everyone,

If I want to enter new stock in the erpnext then it should be coming under the opening stock or opening Qty. Can you tell me how I will enter. Please help me.


You can do that by using Stock Reconciliation and select Opening Stock as Type Stock and choose Temporary Opening Account as Difference Account

Please refer to this for more info

where it will be showing opening Qty. Because I have checked stock balance & stock ledger also there are showing stock balance but not showing opening Qty

Opening Qty are not showing in stock balance report

Even I Entered Manually also it was not showing in stock balance

Very weird.

Today, I tested Stock Reconciliation and Stock Report shows opening qty normally.

if you don’t mind can you show me how to enter the data then I want to follow your process & i can enter the data

Hi, for opening stock balances with serial number and batch number, can this process be use, Stock Reconciliation?

But based on this link,Opening Stock, the stock entry should only be used for opening stocks with serial number and batch number.

what should I follow?