How to enter Payumoney or online payment transactions in ERPNext

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I am using ERPNext to manage our online business. We accept payments online through Payumoney. For every trasactions Payumoney deduct 2% TDR + 14% tax on that so please tell me how to enter this type of transactions in ERPNext ie How to create Sales Order/Sales Invoice for this and how to deduct that Payumomoney transaction amount in that?

Please assume that I will sell a product for 100rs and we use payumoney for trasactions I want to enter trasaction/sales order/sales invoice like,
Item1 => 100rs
Payu TDR charged 2% => -2
Tax on TDR amount 14%(14% tax on 2rs ie TDR) => -0.28

How should I do this in ERPNext.
Please help me.

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You should payment gateway expenses in your Payment Journal Entry, since they are a part of the “Payment” not “Billing”, unless you bill those costs to the customer.

Your payment entry should be

Credit Customer 100
Debit Bank 98
Debit PayU Expenses 2

@rahulnejanawar i have kind of same situation can you guide me? how you’re making the payment entry of such transaction.
where transaction details is available of payu and payu transfers money in bulk to bank every weekend. and payu comission varies.