How to enter Rounding Figures manually?


In regards of Rounding Figure.
Currently in our Sales Order/Invoices, etc, there is no Rounding Figures where you can enter manually. The only option avail is the one auto-prompt one (Rounded Total) which is not as what we practice/use.

As for now, the option I have is to enter the rounding figures in contrast with the discount field (which is not the correct practice). Bec if I do add the field (customize), the total wouldn’t be the same due to it is formularize.

Is there any solution for this?


Thank you so much in advance.

Any help on this? As this is really crucial.


Hi @siddiqjehan! Any examples on the figures(numbers) that you want to get and to show? An illustration of how you want the process and how the rounding is done would be great. Thanks!


Item, Quantity, Price per unit, Total
Computer, 10, $1,162.82, $11,628.20

GST: (6%) = 697.69

Grand Total: $12,325.89 (what we want to appeared when printed: $12,325.90)

So, the solution we want to appear this way:

Item, Quantity, Price per unit, Total
Computer, 10, $1,162.82, $11,628.20

GST: (6%) = 697.69
Rounding Total : $0.01 (is there any way to insert this manually and formularized it with the total as well)
Grand Total: $12,325.90

ASAP. Thanks

Hi @siddiqjehan. Thanks for this.

As for the rounding, did you try setting the “precession” to 1 for the filed “total” in the field doctype property setting?

As for the “Rounding Total:” you can add a custom field and do the calculation there. It will also appear in your print format once you add it on your Sales Order/Invoice Custom form. You can just opt to put it in place in the print format. Hope this helps!

@creamdory is there any way that i can just put the amount manually? and the grand total would capture it as well as the form now is formularized?

Bec as i tried to customize as you mentioned above and still it doesn’t meet the needs.

@siddiqjehan I you set your Grand Total field’s precision to 1, it is supposed to automatically round off the $12,325.89 to $12,325.90. But if you want, you can create a custom field “Rounding_Total” where you can input your Rounding Total, in which in our example is $0.01. And then you have to create a validation code for formula.


I have problem with rounding off total score in student grade I need to round off to 52 not 51.6 i try all the precession but it doesn’t work

can someone help ASAP


HI , I have same request , I need to round off the amount : 16.507.636, 40 = 16.507.637 ( if over 5 , must +1 , below 5 , -1 ) .
Please review for this case .

Hi ,please kindly review for my request .

Rounding off did not work for me. Did you try the system setting - number format ??. What i did i change the datatype to int to make it whole number and change the format to no decimal place


HI Nolly,
Can not change from currency to Int ? Do we need to hack code in this case ?

I am not sure if it impacts elsewhere by i had the same requirement of entering the rounding_adjustment manually. I have implemented the solution as below.

Created a new custom app
Customised the Purchase Invoice DocType and added a new field custom_rounding_adjustment
Copied erpnext.controllers.taxes_and_totals.calculate_taxes_and_totals.set_rounded_total
Modified it to use the new custom field to set the rounding_adjustment and rounded_total
Used hooks to override the erpnext function set_rounded_total

All goes well, please let me know if it can impact elsewhere

What exactly you modified in that function?