How to export `Change Label (via Custom Translation)` in Customize Form?


I’m pretty new to ERPNext.

Figuring out how to export Change Label (via Custom Translation) in Customize Form.

In my new-apps, I’veadded,

fixtures = ['Report', 'Role Profile', 'Role', 'Custom Field', 'Custom Script', 'Property Setter', 'Workflow', 'Workflow State', 'Workflow Action']

And ran - bench export-fixtures - But no update happening in the fixture/*.json files.

The interesting thing is, if I change values of any other fields in the Customize Form, its getting reflected in the fixtures/*.json files. So, the issue is with Change Label feild alone.

Thanks in advance.

Found what went wrong to me.

I’ve added all the fixtures except: “Translation”.

This will create a new json file in the fixtures directory.