How to export Custom Permission from one site to another?

I have seen new doctype Custom DocPerm.
Is it possible to export custom role permission and import it in another site.


Export Customizations should include this. Can you try once?

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Ok, I will try this on test instance

Hi @umair and @kolate_sambhaji
I tried to use the Custom DocPerm to export and import the custom role and user permissions to another site, but it is not work although the importing process completed successfully.

@dufani1 can you reload and check.

also all custom permission you can find here DocPerm/List
If it gets imported, then it should work.

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Thanks a lot @kolate_sambhaji

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So onwards you can use fixtures to export roles and permission.

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Iā€™m getting duplicates while importing these custom Permission .
Can you suggest me some solution to fix this problem