How to export whole salary slips with all salary components and their values?

Is there any option to export all salary slips into one single excel sheet with all salary components and it’s value ?

Please help me to achieve this.
Thanks and regards.

Hello, you cannot export salary slips. However, you can export salary structures and salary structure assignments.

But HR need such a report/consolidated excel sheet for keep/sent to higher order employees. As you suggested, exporting Salary Structure and Salary Structure Assignments will be able to resolve this requirement ?

@michelle Instead of this can i use query reports for it ? If it is possible which table has all the saved components and it is value against an employee ??

you can simply use salary register to export salary processing for a single month. It basically gives you every salary information as analysed on each payslip.

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Hi Rajeeb,

You can check the salary register for a consolidated report of the payroll generated. It will give you each and every detail.


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