How to export Workflows in ERPnext for my production application

Hello, right now I am building workflow in my local and have also added different workflow states and different workflow actions. Now I want them to be there in my production also. How can I export all workflow related things in my production.

@Abhiraj_Tulsyan you can start with importing the workflow state, then workflow action master , then import the workflows

Can you help me the import thing? I have to export that from my local first? or how is the case?

@Abhiraj_Tulsyan correct . open workflow State list . click import add new and there you can download an excel file of the entire list . then open your production server . do the same , import your file and click start importing

How to write conditions on actions on code rather than on UI level?
Anything on that can be done?
And if there are different triggers which I want to maintain on the condition level