How to expose user specific data on the website?

I created a new DocType called ‘KYC’ - which has a bunch of fields that need data privacy. I want to expose a route called ‘/kyc’ for my website user to view/modify their specific KYC data. Is this possible without any code level changes (completely handled from Desk “Build” & “Website” modules by Admin)?

Hi @nandubatchu,

If KYC is a doctype then create a web form of KYC and you can manage via the website.
Please check the documentation of the Web Form.

Check-it video for more details.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!

And how do I expose non-editable/non-submittable DocTypes to the website users? Example his/her credit-reward-transactions history (which are added by the admin via desk).

Also the user should only see his credit-reward-transactions history not others

That for, Apply the Role Permission.

Please select user-related roles and doctype.
Set the rights like read, write, create, submit, etc.

If you want to set it like only the creator can only show data to enable the Only If Creator.

More details for check it documentation of Role Permission Manager.

Thank You!