How to extend custom 'base.html' in website using www

Hi Folks, How you doing?
I am creating my own web app using frappe framework using ‘www’ folder under custom app. But In this web app I am getting default footer and header.
So I need to extend my own custom base.html, headers and footers.

Can anybody here please help me to do that?


That sound like ninja issues, you should define what to extend etc. Sorry I can’t be of more help, here’s an article I found about frappe website building. There’s also this guide from the Official docs.

Hi @Ankit_Prajapati1,

just copy frappe/templates/includes/footer and frappe/templates/includes/header from the frappe app into the same directory of your custom app. These contain jinja templates that you can modify as you wish. Frappe will prioritize your custom files over the default ones. Take care not to destroy any existing functionality so that your template remains fully configurable from the frontend.

Most probably you won’t need to modify base.html.

Found the solution.
To extend our own base.html we can use frappe’s super easy magic comment.
For e.g.- On top of the file mention this line-

<!-- base_template: custom_app/path/to/custom_base.html -->

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