How to fetch all the details for Item as per listed fields below from rest API?


I am newbie here and wanted to know how to fetch information for product in Item Listing Rest API.

I want data for all the item as below json format.
Item name,
Item Image,
Item price from Item Price List,
Item Offer,
Item Vat / Tax information,
Item Rating

All the above fields are from different different tables and we need to fetch it with left join and right join.

so how to fetch the above fields in one api call?

@hardik_malvi you have to create a custom API for that where you can use your queries with joins & return data accordingly…

so other than this there is no other solution ?

I just want confirmation like we can’t do this with rest APIs.

@hardik_malvi yes you have to create your own custom API or you have to call multiple APIs for that if you don’t want to develop new…