How to fetch data from doctype field to webform field

I just want fetch data from a doctype field to webform field…
Anyone please guide me what should we do for that…if you have any snippet sharr here please for better understanding…
@rahy Can you please help into this


That depends on how you create the webform.
What I do is to create webform based on an existing doctype. So the fields will be mapped between the webform and doctype.

Thank you for your response…

There is a field ‘designation’ in doctype ‘Job Opening’ and i want to fetch that designation from doctype and put into webForm ‘Submit your CV’ field automatically…
What should i do can you please tell me or any code you can share here for better understanding…

And also what to do if i want to mapped doctype to webform

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How did you create your webform?
If you create it from the Website > Webform menu, it will automatically mapped when you select the referenced doctype.

You can use to trigger the method and use the frappe.get_doc to get the fields in the ‘Job Opening’ doctype, return it back to the js and output it the webform field.
I’m sorry, I’m not a programmer so I may not be able to give you the complete snippets.

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I did it by checking “Allow Read On All Link Options” in the linked field in webform

Nice to know that you found he solution, with a just one click.

Wow! that is the power of Frappe.

Hi @rahy
I have one webpage that page I need to show the user’s list which is stored in docType, how can I do that

I didn’t find this checkbox neither in webform nor in doctype form.