How to fetch data from link

I’m having a problem with a custom script that I cannot figure out. The field called ‘Elemento padre’ is a link field. That linked element has a field called “numero_de_elemento” and that’s the one that I need to do an automatic completion of the field with tag ‘Numero de elemento’. The ‘fetching problem’ that I have in the script is in ‘elemento_padre.numero_de_elemento’. I don’t know if that’s the right way to access the property of the ‘elemento_padre’ element.


set elemento_padre.numero_de_elemento as custom field Numero de elemento 's fetch from property like the sample below. no custom script needed.

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Its work for me

Whenever fetching data from the link field, the format is this:
field_a (the name of the link field)
field_b (the name of the field in the linked document)


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