How to fetch doctype items(array) by their name via REST API

i have a doctype (Basket) and it has a field named: items of ‘Table MultiSelect’ type which in turn is linked(Link) with Item doctype.

now, i want to fetch all the child table items of a given basket item for which i hit this API:

which is returning me all the child items with only its name property, now i want to fetch all these child items in one single API call unlike the above basket API (to reduce the no of API calls)
http://mysite.local:8003/api/resource/Basket/**77f1d928c8** [how do i give this name as an array and fetch all the items in the doctype matching this name/identifier?]

is something like this possible with frappe REST API?:

also, what’s the optimised way? is it possible to fetch all the child items with their properties in the ‘/Basket/77f1d928c8’ API itself?