How to fetch IRN for invoices after migrating to ERPNext

we are migrating from our legacy software to ERPNext
but wanted to check how to update the IRN & E-way bill numbers for invoices already made
it would be a tedious affair if we have to manually update them


You can update the IRN and e-Waybill No. while importing your old Sales Invoices using Data Import Tool, since these fields are present in the Sales Invoice.

However, if you’re looking to print these e-Waybills / e-Invoices in ERPNext, you may need to import e-Waybill Logs and e-Invoice Logs as appropriate.

import e-Waybill Logs and e-Invoice Logs as appropriate…
so this would be possible with India compliance?

If you have all the data, it should be possible.

For instance, we wrote this patch to migrate the erstwhile E Invoice Request Log to e-Invoice Log in the early days of India Compliance:

Thank you