How to fetch Subassembly and rawmaterial in Multlilevel Bom?

In General Multlilevel Bom It fetches only raw material (i.e Material Request - Get items from BOM (button)).Is it possible to fetch Sub assembly along with raw material ??? if particular multilevel bom is selected … need to display its subassembly along with raw material.
Can anyone help me ??..


Any updates??
Is it possible to find BOM level in Multilevel bom??

@SaranyaAlagar I have not come across such a feature. Could you share your specific use case ?

Thanks for reply @dhananjay
My use case is 1)Finding Level of Bom in multilevel Bom.
2) Fetching Subassembly pdt along with raw material in Material request.

Finding the level of BOM may not be possible.
You can check BOM report and select columns as shown. Sort on BOM No.

Bom Report

Thank you @dhananjay for the reply . The Bom Report is useful but it does not have detailed description of sub assembly…
Is there any alternative way to level Bom ???

Nothing out of the box. You will have to customize or write a custom script.

Thank you @dhananjay for reply