How to filter branch based on company

Hi there,
Is there any way that we can filter branch based on company
I have two companies and both have different branches to it.
So if i want to view branches of a company it shows branches of both the company.
There is no filter for it or even if role permissions can be set based on company.

Hi @Ujjawal,

Branch doctype has no filed company therefore you are not able to add filter company on branch. To resolve this issue you have to add custom field company on branch doctype and set the value of company for each branch

Thanks, Rohit

If there are two companies for the same branch i cant do so then
Actually the thing is my company has a child company.
both of them is situated in lets say mumbai.
so i cannot set it for both.
Either i can set it for parent company or for Child company.
Both the company has different task to perform.