How to filter by empty date field in latest update?

I have lots of custom reports that rely on dates … things that happened after a certain date, things that have no date set, etc. All those reports are broken now with latest update and trigger an error “TypeError: Parser must be a string or character stream, not list”. Is there a new way these reports needs to be formatted?

Example… I have a report for items not shipped yet, so the Camera Shipped date field would be empty. My OLD report would then list anything with Camera Shipped < 01-01-2000 (which is just a date far in the past). This always worked and would show me anything with an EMPTY Camera Shipped field. Now my report looks like pictured:

Whenever I try to edit the date field, it fills in with a value like “06-29-2017 to 06-29-2017” which then triggers the above error.

If I create a filter using “Equals” with no value, no error is triggered but no results are shown:

So, the question is how do I filter for an empty date field?