How to Filter in Accounts Receivable Report?

Hello All,

Currently I am trying to understand how to filter data in Account Receivable Report. But there is one sales invoice that missing from the report if Im using this filter below.

Here is the result :

Then Im changing the posting date to 31 Jan 2022 :

Sales invoice number that gone missing show up :

Can someone tell me how to filter so all the sales invoice number appear in report?

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If u don’t apply any filters you should be able to filter the all invoices


I’ve tried to erase the date filter dan customer filter, but still not working.

In the filter, you have applied the wrong posting data and the invoice you want have different as per ss you provided. if you can post a small gif may clear out problem

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

Yes you are right. I’ve tried other filter method.

First posting date of my sales invoice is 14 Januari 2022 and the payment entry posting date is 7 Februari 2022. So I have to set filter posting date no later than 6 Februari 2022.
Like this :

If I set the filter posting date to 7 Februari 2022, no data come out :

Is there a way so all my sales invoice number show in this report?
Or maybe the reason sales invoice in January not showing up in this report is because its already paid. Thats why I have to filter it no later than payment posting date

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Accounts receivable are to indicate how much payment is due from the customer it will not show all invoices. You can create custom reports for your custom requirement of visulization