How to filter Item templates from everyone

Hi guys,

How do I filter Items that are Templates or Disabled from everyone (with view permissions in Items) except System Manager role?



Suppose Role is only 'Sales user,'and role has only view/read permission of ‘Item’ .

Set Filter on ‘Item list’ view as -
For Template:-
Has Variants=“Yes”

For Disable:-
Disabled =“Yes”

Thanks shraddha,

Can this be done with role permissions for specific roles or maybe user permissions?


  1. Create one user , Assign role as “Sales User”
    2.Go to “Role Permission Manager”
  2. Select Document type= Item and Role=Sales User (Add)
    give only ‘Read’ permission to Item

4.Login to sales user
5. go to Item List view
6.Set Filter accordingly.

I have supplier for an Item . So on supplier login i want the Item list view to display only items for which supplier = session .user.
Can u give me a workaround for the same?