How to Filter Tasks From Multiple Projects

I am trying to filter the task list so it shows me only tasks from 2 particular projects. However, I see that there is no “or” condition in filters, nor the option to add multiple project names when creating filters.

When I create two filters with the same field (Project) and select 2 different projects, there are no results.

How can I make this work? This is certainly an extremely useful option, yet not available out of the box.

Hi @ronche90,

One idea is using a custom filter with the “In” keyword.

See my screenshot below. In this example, I am using a filter to display Customers “Foo” and “Bar” only.

You should be able to apply the same concept to filtering Projects and Tasks.

Thanks, this works for Projects if I type in project name in name series format (e.g. PROJ-0001,PROJ-0002), but it’s not working with Project names (e.g. Project #1, Project #2)
However, I’ve figured out that I must change Project Naming from naming series to field:project_name. With this, it’s possible to filter tasks by project name (Project #1, Project #2).
But, I need to keep naming series since I have a lot of projects and tasks with same name and the problem is when I change the naming from naming series to field name, it’s no longer possible to make projects and tasks with same name. Second problem is if you put naming as field:{####}{project_name}, Project IN filter won’t work if only project name is used in the filter.