How to filter Tasks on both Open OR Overdue Tasks

ie i want Tasks that are either Open or Overdue. The original filtering functionality allowed one to ‘edit’ a filter to add an ‘OR’ but I can’t see how to do this now.

If I add two filters one for Tasks Status of Open and one for Tasks Status of Overdue then its doing an ADD, ie any tasks have to be both Open AND Overdue which brings up no tasks at all

Yes, to OR together search filter clauses would be excellent, a bit odd that composite function is omitted.

“The original filtering functionality allowed one to ‘edit’ a filter to add an ‘OR’ but I can’t see how to do this now.”

An old release had that - do you recall what version when?

The current docs note ‘You can apply multiple filters at a time’ but no note of OR

And these ‘multiple filter’ issue fixes do not complain about a missing ‘edit filter’ function
Multiple filter area fix by netchampfaris · Pull Request #3738 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

@umair sorry to bother you, please can you comment on this?

Is OR omitted for say performance reasons?


Hello John

Thanks for this. The version with this was the one not so long back with the previous filters etc. Probably around 3 months ago at a guess.

Yes, I do think that there should be an ‘OR’ function for cases exactly as mine. Or al east an easy way to achieve same.


l suspect one of these broke things

I fear no filter tests exist!?

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ find . -name '*filter*.py'


I will look for tests here and let you know what I find…

Please when you have a moment @makarand_b or @kolate_sambhaji

Is the OR operator, to join boolean clauses, in the search filter missing?

Julian and I suspect this went missing from the filter redesign.

I looked for an open ‘filter’ issue on github but found none.

For me to fix the UI or write a UI test to demo the bug would be a leap for me.

Thank you

ok so their is no actual ‘OR’ operator - at least not now.

kolate_sambhaji responded here Print Date & Time - #10 by kolate_sambhaji
that I also copied below:

I think its by design taking AND condition.
So if you want Overdue and Open Task you can use IN filter.


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