How to find out the application version in ERPNext

I’m trying to install the e-commerce application for ERPNext version 11 using the GitHub code. But it is not installing. I think it is due to the application version mismatch with the ERPNext version. Can anyone tell me how to find out the application version?

For example, I want to find out the version of the application which I shared in the link so that I can install and enhance my knowledge. Thanks in advance.

Link: GitHub - gaurav-naik/mnt_website: Website for MN Technique

Please provide more details so we can provide helpful hints.

As per the app versions, you can check them within Frappe at the Help Menu

Without looking at your installation log, we may not able to help you.

Any third party module (Not shipped with monolith Frappe/ERPNext distribution) is maintained by the developer, he is not supporting or have updated the app, you are free to modify and use as long as you know how to do it.

Any standard frappe app would come with file in that you will find developer details and version information for app.

Third party Apps are not made to work with explicitly with specific version of Frappe/ERPNext as these apps can work standalone if not using specific feature from ERPNext, but because as seen in past every major release of Frappe/ERPNext have brought in breaking changes. So some apps may not work with some versions depending on features app depending on…