How to find out which sites an app is installed on


How do I find all the sites a particular app is installed on using bench?

I can use

bench list-apps

on each site, but that turns out to be too laborious should you have many sites.

Hi @EugeneP,

If you want to check for all sites, then apply it.

bench --site all list-apps

If you want to check for one site then apply it.

bench --site [] list-apps

Reference: bench list-apps

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Thanks @NCP

As a matter of interest, use the

–format text

which is the default anyhow, to show more detail, such as the version and branch, which the

–format json

does not show.

bench --site all list-apps --format text

Yes, that is right, but

bench --site all list-apps --format json

does not show the version and branch.

might be issue in bench