How to find the database location of erpnext or master data?

how am i able to find my masterdata database file if untoward incident happen and i need to secure it?

In current site directory there is site_config.json file which contain database name and password.
“db_name”: “c8a4f2c00eee2a89”,
“db_password”: “cTysBHQKzByelOK2”

Hi @Denmark_Del_Puso ,

Check the DB dir path in /etc/MySQL/my.conf
The default path is /var/lib/mysql ----> All database you can see here.

And particular database if you want to see then it is located on “site_config.json” inside site folder.

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thank you guys that really help me, another thing. Im finding it hard to copy the file. Is there any configuration i should setuo first? thank you