How to find the original language file?

Hi, Erpnext Turkish language really sucks. Grammars are so bad, meaningless.

How can I find the original English language file? I will contribute by making a Turkish translation.

I registered but I have no idea how it works.

I want to translate from an excel or .csv result, it sounds simpler and easier.

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@rmehta Some things for a CEO who writes he has nothing to do:

  • We agree on a way to respond to messages from Frappe customers in less than 8 months.
  • We agree on how to make it easier for Turkish speakers to use your services, so that you enjoy the revenue you want.
  • You create e.g. here records that show to what extent one can rely on your services. How possible is it for speakers of other languages to use Frappe Cloud? We’re willing to work with you as much as it takes to make it totally possible for speakers of many languages. Should this stop being an issue for Internet users?

Can one build with Frappe Cloud software more useful than Discourse?
I am under the impression (Am I dreaming?) that one could build just about anything with software like Frappe Cloud. If this is true, a great age can begin.
I’m fine with private talks. Your communicators would benefit you a lot by talking publicly about your services. If you have a database about such talks, you can share some recordings with me.

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