How to find valid values for Options and Fetch From fields?


I installed ERPNext v14, and started with its basic setup tutorial

I am going through the customizing erpnext part of Introduction to ERPNext, and got stuck at Dashboard section.

At 4:12, the author tries to add a Link Fieldname as Task, customer_feedback.

I could not find a valid link fieldname like that anywhere. She has not created one also in earlier videos. So I assume it is created when Customer Feedback DocType was created, and derived from its name automatically

Similar to Customer Feedback DocType, I created Test DocType so I assumed, the link field name should be test_doctype, but that also did not work.

My attempt:


I also tried to go to app/custom-field to create a new custom field under Task DocType, (to insert my test customer feedback as field there), there too I did not know what to populate for options. There also test_doctype did not work out.

My attempt:


Additional attempt:
Here, I tried adding customer feedback as field in Customize Form option of Task, but there too, Name field is disabled, where I wanted to try test_doctype.

  1. What am I doing wrong here?
  2. Where can I see list of valid values for Options, Fetch From? That could have been super helpful instead of guessing that like this every time. Since I self host this, I could access via ssh the server hosting this app as well., if I have to search there as well.

Kindly help.

PS: It looks like some one told, these tutorial video shoudl be ~10 min, so some steps are super fast, without giving proper explanation, how those values being populated were obtained. All this in Introduction to ERPNext series itself. Needs heavy improvement here.

This is solved in this thread

I do not know why @Hardik_Zinzu post appeared as separate post, so instead of here, conversation happened there.