How to fix auto created journal entry against Exchange Gain/Loss on payment submit

When I submit a payment entry against an expense claim, in the background, a journal entry is created against Exchange Gain/Loss.
Is it a bug or have I changed the setting?

Your Help would be appreciated.

ERPNext: v14.35.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.45.0 (version-14)

It is Just Happened two days ago

Not sure logic on this to have unlinked transactions. What happens when payment is canceled? do journal entries get canceled automatically??

How to see them? the Payment Entry has no connections to see linked JE. Also, the Ledger view of payment entry does NOT show the JE so cannot find them that way.

Had no issues with previous presentation as adjustments on Payment Entry.

ERPNext: v14.36.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.47.0 (version-14

I want to sincerely thank the team that worked on this because currency revaluation issues have been a torn in the flesh of ERPNext for organizations that use multicurrency. Many headaches have been solved.
However, there are still some issues that need the attention of this team.

  1. Unrealised Exchange Gain or Loss is not an income account. It should be reported in the Equity. From the company doctype where the account is defined, currently, you cannot select any account type Equity. It is only the Income account type that can be selected. Please help to make a selection of Equity account type possible.
  2. For suppliers’ and customers’ balances revaluation, we observed the revalued balances contain the element of exchange gain or loss which are tagged as unrealized exchange gain and loss, and when the invoices that made up the balances are paid, new exchange gain and loss are calculated and posted without reference to the unrealized exchange gain and loss that have been previously booked. This amount in most cases cannot be equal to the amount previously charged to the customer/supplier account during the previous revaluation thereby making the customer /supplier balance in the base currency not to be correct.
    Let there be a workaround to solve the problem.