How to fix bench: Error 111. Connecting to localhost:13001:Connection refused

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We request ERPNext forum to help us to resolve the following issue;

We installed ERP Next v11_Production mode in our CentOS7 Production Server.
It’s working well until Wednesday night. from Thursday it showing this msg.
We disabled SELinux.

Installed bench version 4.1.0
Installed version : erpnext 11.1.47,frappe 11.1.42

Thank You.

when we try to do bench update, we got this msg.

i did the following also,

as per how-to-fix-sorry-we-will-be-back-soon

see the msg,

help us to resolve this issue.

Thank You.


sudo supervisorctl status

If status any process is STOPPED then execute

bench restart

I did it, see the reply here,

That’s most certainly a wrong screenshot, and text here instead of images would be so much useful.