How to fix table width for all users

I have a child table Lab Schedule Readings with 7 fields
I have not set all fields List View
when added the table to parent it shows all 7 fields and i also set the columns to 7
But when added a new Schedule in the parent ( Lab Schedule ) It showing only 5 fields I have adjusted it with Administrator ID but when check from another ID it shows the same 5 fields only

How to fix the table width to show all the fields for all users

Note - I have not set all the fields as mandatory as i need to create blank schedule and draft it.

Child Table :

Parent Doctype : I have set the columns to 7 so that all columns will visible

Administrator ID : I have manually edited the table width from edit to set it.

User’s ID : Showing only 5 fields in User’s ID.

Thanks for the Solution

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