How to fix Values out of Sync?

There are a few issues we are facing with the new Values out of Sync validation. Would like to get some advise from Community members on what is the correct way of rectifying the mistakes made previously


  1. What is the best way to fix errors leading to Values of Stock and Accounting Ledgers to be out of Sync?
  2. Are there any unknown effects of turning off Perpetual Inventory for fixing the errors?
  3. Issues we are facing
    a. On changing Warehouse Parent after transactions, ERPNext is expecting transactions to match with the ledger of latest Warehouse or Parent Warehouse
    b. ERPNext is expecting all transactions to hit the default Stock Ledger in the Stock and Accounting Value Comparison which should not be the case

Detailed Description

1. Parent Warehouse changed after making transactions:
We had a warehouse called Scrap warehouse which was standalone, under All Warehouses. After creating the warehouse under All Warehouses, certain transactions were made. Since no specific Accounting Ledger was mapped on the Warehouse, Accounting entries were posted on the Default Stock Account mapped on the Company master.

At a later date, the warehouse was added under an existing Group Warehouse called Central Warehouse which has been linked to an Account “Central Warehouse-VA”.

Now since the Scrap Warehouse is under Central Warehouse, Stock and Accounts Valuation Comparison Report and validation on submitting any Stock transactions in the Central Warehouse or its child warehouses, the system is throwing an error that the Values are out of sync for Central Warehouse.

I understand that this is happening mainly since the Parent for Scrap warehouse was changes after transactions. To correct this error, I have the liberty of Cancelling these transactions since these are Stock Entries of Internal transfer and not items that have been delivered. However, on trying to cancel the entries, the system is again checking the Values and finding that the values are out of Sync So there is a kind of catch22 situation where I am not able to cancel the entries because the validation finds the values are out of sync.

What is the correct way of rectifying such errors?
Is turning off Perpetual Entry for the time-being recommended? Will it have any other impact? I understand that I will have to hold all the transactions off till I make these corrections since it will otherwise treat the transactions as Periodic and won’t book its accounting effect. Anything else to be kept in mind?

2. Stock and Account Value Comparison for Default Stock Account set on Company Master
I have noticed that the Stock and Account Value Comparison Report shows different values when a warehouse filter is added. If a warehouse is added in the filter, it should filter the values for that warehouse but if no filter is added, it should show all the Vouchers with mismatch between Stock and Account values. However, it is showing lesser number of Vouchers if no value is set in Warehouse filter.

Also when filtering the report with a Ledger which is set as Default Stock Account in Company master, it shows all the transactions/vouchers where the default Account is not used. However, this does not seem right as there can be warehouses where we want to set other Ledgers as default.

Sorry for the long post.
Thank you

Hi Manan,

If this instance is on AWS or Digital Ocean I’d suggest restore another Instance or a droplet and try all things there is what I’d suggest. And once you solve the problem, you could then try the same solution on your live production instance.

If I had to guess, I don’t think you can solve this problem without turning off perpetual inventory. You can try database updates, and if it works it’s a great solution (and maybe quick too), but it could pose other problems.