How to follow a document in ERPNext?

I read the tutorial of ERPnext, it says that i can follow a document like this:

but when i log into the system ,this is no ‘follow’ to click

The document follow option will allow you to receive notification on any changes made in the document. Also, in the list view of the same, you can easily filter out these documents. To know more about document follow, kindly refer the following link:

yes ,i read the tutorial of “how to follow document”,but the question is :there is no “follow” button to use:

is anything wrong?

@claymorz - please note that the follow option does not show for the user that created the document. it only shows for a different user.

i checked that,user A created a Lead,user B did not get the ‘follow’ option,does it work well in your system?
thanks very much

i found that Enable track changes option in doctype should be selected, when you activate the checkbox follow button will appear in document.

  1. Note that you can only follow documents for which track changes are on.
  2. To enable track changes, go to Menu > Customize > tick the Track Changes checkbox .

reference here: Document Follow

also found other notes:

1.2 Automatic Follow

Cases where the document will be automatically followed after activating Document Follow:

  • When you create a new document.
  • When you modify a document.
  • When you like a document using the heart icon.
  • When another user shares a document with you or assigns you to a document, you’ll be following the document.

I still can’t see the “Follow” button for the Stock Entry doctype.
ERPNext: v12.5.2 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.3.0 (version-12)
There are some issues in the Github BUG: The "Follow" button is missing from all DocTypes in v12 · Issue #18873 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi, in v13.bet4 either.


You need to go to your user profile and enable the below checkbox.

After this is done, refresh the page. You should then be able to see the follow button.

Hope this helps.

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