How to force update the currency exchange rate?

In a multi-currency situation, in quotations and invoice pages, the currency is dynamically fetched from
I’ve created a quote a month back, currency was auto-populated, but now I need to print and send the quote, the currency is still the old one.

How can I force refreshing the currency rate without setting it manually in that currency field?
Also, what’s the difference between “Exchange Rate” and “Price List Exchange Rate”? both look the same

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As far as I know you can’t change the currency exchange rate in any document once it is “Submitted” . If you want to show the new exchange rates… you would need to “Cancel” and "Amend " the document with the new dates !!!

Exchange Rate : this is used for the current document. Eg… if you quoting in your company currency or any other currency.

Price List Exchange rate : this is for the exchange rate of your item eg say in USD or Euro or any other currency … to the “Company Currency”

I’ve been trying to change the dates but the currency rate isn’t updating automatically.
The invoice wasn’t amended, just freshly created and items imported from a previous quotation. Initially it imported the quotation fx.

Is the “Allow Stale Exchange rates” unchecked in Accounts Settings ?

Yes, it’s enabled. Shall I disable it?

Yes, disable it !! so now the rate will be refreshed, whenever you change the dates.

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