How to format an .xlsx file for import (time_logs)

I have a java application that process timestamps for employees and outputs it into an .xlsx file. My problem is that I’m getting an error when importing that file:

Error: Data missing in table: Time Sheets
frappe.exceptions.MandatoryError: [Timesheet, TS-2019-00001]: time_logs

I have no idea how to format time_logs (after the ~ column) in the excel file. Somebody don’t mind teaching me how they work?

-Start Date
-End Date
-date_logs(don’t know how these work)

I had a similar problem with a import file. My solution:
Enter a record manually and export to .xlsx. And voila you have the fields used, their format and the content. Works not only for time sheets but else.


wow, never thought of that! thank you so much