How to frappe_docker install custom app?

After I deploy erpnext with the pwd.yml file, how do I install the custom app? Do I need to install it in the container?

please help me

You can check out here

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First of all, thank you for your answer, but I still have a few questions:
Do you follow the following installation steps

  1. Add the package to be installed in apps. json under imges/custom
  2. After setting up the above, execute the Docker build, such as
    Docker build
    –Build arg=FRAPPE_ PATH= GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript
    –Build arg=FRAPPE_ BRANCH=version-14
    –Build arg=PYTHON_ VERSION=3.10.12
    –Build arg=NODE_ VERSION=16.20.1
    –Build arg=APPS_ JSON_ BASE64=$APPS_ JSON_ BASE64
    –Tag=ghcr. io/user/repo/custom: 1.0.0
  3. If I have my own custom app and it is private and I don’t want others to discover it, how can I install it
  4. Execute docker compose - f pwd.yml up - d again?

Apps JSON is just an environment variable, you need to pass it to the docker build as build arg. To generate this base64 encoded json array as environment variable you can use a file or you can type it and base64 encode.

Execute once all env vars / build arg are set

Use GitHub / Gitlab personal access token or username and password as credentials when you set your url for repo

Replace image name from every service using frappe/erpnext with your custom image.

Every time you install an app, you need to build it. Is it too much trouble? Is there any other way? It’s mainly the Internet

When you add new app or update code of app, you’ll need to build image.

It’s same internet as “bench update”. In fact it’ll be less internet because it can be built once and deployed multiple times from ready available image.

Use native bench install on Linux machine and don’t add or update apps that cause usage of internet.

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