How to Generate Journal Entry Child Table "name"

In the tabJournal Entry Account how do you generate the unique naming for a child table line

@claily this is auto generated by the system. What is your use case?


there are missing entries inside the Journal Entry Accounts Child Table that Exist in tabGL entry, this was caused of encoding/submitting 50+ entries while bench restarting the system.

I want to recreate those inside the GL Entry into Journal Entry Accounts without cancelling or amending but i need to know how the system came up with the the auto generated name

But how did it happen? Do you have made any customizations in Journal Entry? Anyway, to append those row, you should use controller functions. That means you should create Journal Entry object and then add rows into that and save the Journal Entry. This way, system also will validate the entry and will ensure that anything is not wrong. And name for new rows will be automatically set.


Thanks for the Reply.
I really need to know how the controller generates name for child tables.

but for now i solved it by manually putting a unique series, its just a fix for those transaction with tabGL Entry data with no tabJournal Entry Accounts data

i used an incremental series " fix00000001 " that i manually use as name for the rows, just as long as its unqiue and the parent column is right it works.

for now im not having any issues with it.