How to generate serial no.s automatically?

I am getting this error while submitting purchase receipt ,the item has already ticked has serial number but i am getting this . help me regarding this. @Suresh_Thakor

You have to go to the Item Master, pick the Item record and setup the Item for auto Serial Numbers. That setting is in the Same Section as the Serial Number section.

Hope this helps.



@JayRam ok sir

@JayRam sir will you please help me regarding how to create a salary structure…actually i created one but how i can test ,i.e working correct or not??

@shivansh13 after creating salary structure assign it to an employee and then run payroll entry to test everything.

If you don’t want to run the entry, there’s a preview salay slip option in the Salary Structure as well.

i can have more than one salary structure assignment for an employee used in different periods