How to get a report of purchased items stock with their balances invoice-wise

Is there any report to get the invoice-wise balances e.g

Purchase Date, Purchase Invoice Number, Item Code, Purchased Qty, Total Sold Qty, Remaining Balance.

What’s the use case of invoice-wise balances ?

Stock balance reports are available at warehouse and item level.

I need to know how much balance I have in hand from each invoice, I do agree we have reports to show the stock balances at warehouse and item level, however, I need to calculate the commissions based on a complex criteria considering:

Total Sales for the month
Total Sales for a particular category
Total profit for a particular item with respect to it’s purchase cost

When you try deleting / cancelling a purchase entry for which the stock has already been sold, the system doesn’t allow you and ask you to cancel the sales entries first. I am wondering where the relation is maintained so that I can create the report I need.

System checks balance from Stock Ledger. You can check Stock Ledger Report or stock balance logic.

Also if you are using Moving Average valuation method then system will calculate valuation rate based on weighed average.

You can think of FIFO as well.