How to get affiliate link and URL

Hi, I understand that under the Selling module I should be able to setup affiliates. However, creating new affiliates does not generate an affiliate code, link or URL.

Is there a way to generate this, especially a link.

Are you referring to Sales Partner’s here? For the Sales Partners, there is a web-page created on your ERPNext account, with the unique link.

Umair - there is a general need for sales partners to have tracking links that they can use on their website to drive traffic back to our websites.

The functionality is intended to automatically assign a new customer to the sales partner who clicks using the unique link ID.

There are software solutions or platforms that offer this service like:


However - those will not track any of the data within ERPNext and therefore are less than optimal.

ecommerce companies use these types of affiliate/channel partners reguarly.

Has anyone used this before? If not can we pay someone to develop and release to the core?

For the referral link, signup from here.

Thank Umair - I was referring to other companies setting up affiliate programs to their OWN ecommerce sites. (Not becoming a reseller for ERPNext.) Sorry for the confusion. :slight_smile:


@Steve_Simonson As of now, there is no such utility in ERPNext. In order for this to be considered for development, request you to please create a GitHub issue using this link. As per community review and upvotes, it would be shortlisted for development in future versions.