How to get and show all Items based on selected Batch Number?


In the engineering industry when iron is purchased it comes with Heat number. There will be multiple items having same Heat number.

For example we are using wire so there can be 10 wire coils of 10 mm thickness, 3 wire coils of 2 mm thickness and 10 wire coils of 5 mm thickness with the same Heat number.

What I am doing is setting the Heat number as Batch number in ERPNext as there is no facility to allow a user to enter Heat number.

I am developing a custom DocType in which I have to show user all the available Batch number (Heat number).

When a user selects a Batch number I want to show all Items belonging to that Batch number.

How to do this?

And when a user selects an Item I want to show the available stock of the selected Item.

How can we do this also?


Yogi Yang

As per my understanding this is not possible.

What you can do is set query for the Batch No field to filter based on selected Item.

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