How to get android app server to use ssl

Hi team

I have my site redirecting to 443 so port 80 no longer accessible. Now my mobile app not working even if I change server to https://…

Is this a bug in mobile app or is there a way to set it for ssl


I suppose you are using a self-signed certificate. You will have to import this certificate as trustworthy to your phone for the app to work. I managed to get this working on android but then the phone required a screen lock. The ios app simply wouldn’t work with a self-signed certificate. So I switched back to http until I buy a signed certificate…

Hi Gorkas,

Yes I’m using a self signed cert, I opened the site on the phone browser and I’m assuming this is installs the cert, is there another way?

Maybe the app should allow for self signed certs, no?


You always have to import not verified certificates to a device and explicitly tell the device to trust them, be it a windows pc or an android phone. On android it can be different from one device to another, you should google for it, I don’t remember the steps. The app does work after you have done that.